Knit Planet return to Planet Dot!

As Knit Planet return to Dot to Dot London to show they AW19 collection, we watch up with designer Nikky to find out what she’s been up to and what to expect next from the brand stylish knit favourites.

Please introduce us to your brand.

Knit Planet, modern knits for stylish kids, is founded by Micky & Nikky in London. As parents of 2 kids, we wanted to share a comfy, colourful and chic collection of knitwear with extraordinary quality and natural sensation to the lovely little ones. In 2015, at the 2nd birthday of our first child, we created Knit Planet, a planet for the best knits as well as the pure joy, love and imagination of childhood. 

Our products range from 2 to 10 years of age, and the styles are bright and modern; many are gender neutral and easy to mix & match. Quality material and design stay at the core of Knit Planet - besides the popular use of organic cotton and fineset merino wool, we also tried new materials mix that are kids friendly. We intend to upgrade the traditional image of knitwear with the designs and colour used. All the styles are also super easy to wear, child friendly and machine washable. 

What inspired you to start a brand making children’s product?

Knit Planet is really like our 2nd baby, born when Leo was 2 years old. After we have the little boy, we focused a lot on this ‘little’ world which is not little at all – there are so much fun, creativity, and small beautiful things around. One of the strong reason that we created as such is that Leo got a very sensitive skin and doesn’t like most of the clothes around so we created a few styles for him only, which is loose fit with nice materials – this is the initial starting point of the brand. We both really enjoyed the process and love the nature and sensation of knitwear - there’re actually so many much thinking behind, more than just chunky, thick and warm pieces for cold seasons as most children’s knitwear brands do. Knitwear could be versatile, modern and stylish, so that’s where we created Knit Planet, a planet of modern knitwear for stylish little ones.     

Whats does your average day look like?

After we have kids and Knit Planet, an average day includes three things, the kids, kidswear and food – Nikky’s not just a good designer but also her recipes are very nice☺

What has been the biggest challenge to date?

Picking colours! We are both Libras so sometimes it’s just difficult to make a decision, and for a brand that’s known for it’s colours:P 

What’s your unique selling point?

The colour and comfyness, which defines the unique look and feel.

Tell us about the inspiration behind your AW19 collection? 

19AW collection ‘Let’s Dance!’ captured the best moment of the little ones dancing, in pure joy and fun. We applied 1970s vintage elements to the designs and whenever we thought of those days, dance was something we just couldn’t simply pass by. We hope to bring the beauty and energy of the best decade to the collection for our beloved little ones, in one of their favourite activities! 

What can we expect next from the brand?

As the 3rd year fo the brand, we are planning to re-brand Knit Planet, both from its visual identity also to product range. We will expand our classic and basic line, and the other idea we are very exciting about thinking is to create capsule collection, crossover collaboration with other inspiring creative people/designer/parents. 

Find out more about Knit Planet here and see their AW19 collection at Dot to Dot London!

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