Introducing Lule Design

Lule Design is created by Giuseppina Miraglia in Treviso, Italy. We spoke to Giuseppina to find out more about the brand in the run up to her debut at Dot to Dot London.

What inspired you to start a brand making children’s product?

Family tradition is where everything started for me, and it has always been a source of inspiration. As a matter of fact, my family has been making sets for brides and new-borns since the nineteenth century. My grandma and my mum made blankets and booties for babies, and like them, I sought to continue the family tradition, breathing new life into it. Today as then, we place a particular emphasis on our materials, which are organic, natural and sustainable just as they were years ago, when we only produced what we needed to sell, without wastage.

For me, it is essential to ensure and maintain the craftsmanship of our products and processes, a nearly forgotten art in this era of mass production of low-cost garments.

Whats does your average day look like?

On a typical day, we start with a daily briefing and discussion with my team, where we plan the day’s activities. This is followed by an important and always strategic phase of research and study involving materials, patterns, and fittings in the workshop.

Every week, we devote some time to shooting and preparing videos and photos for social media marketing.

Lule Design is a small company offering tailor-made and custom products. The showroom, set up next to the workshop, allows customers to come face-to-face with our garments and fabrics and to appreciate the work we do first-hand, thus encouraging discussions with clients regarding the creation of tailor-made garments aimed at satisfying their individual needs.

This service is also dedicated to B2B customers, who can order tailor-made collections designed in conjunction with Lule Design. Part of the day is therefore given over to consulting with customers (both individuals and businesses).

More than anyone else, children are very welcome: as they enter the showroom, they are always fascinated by the workshop and the activities going on there, as they suddenly realise that the garment they are wearing was produced by an actual person, especially for them. This experience helps children to grow, as they acknowledge their own important contribution to the creation of something real and unique.

Every day at work is therefore very stimulating, with a constant focus on human relationships that nurture the growth of both our staff and our products thanks to a continuous dialogue with customers.

What has been the biggest challenge to date?

For me, launching the business was my biggest challenge: I started out alone with my idea, and slowly, through sheer will and effort over a four-year period, I transformed it into an established business with an organisational structure made up of a team that supports me in tackling new challenges every day.

Looking forward, we aim to enter international markets, expanding our client base while always staying true to the inspiration that drove me to start the business, namely craftsmanship in our work and the careful selection of materials, a priceless tenet handed all the way down to me through generations of my family.

What’s your unique selling point?

Above all, what makes Lule Design unique is the service it offers, which is based on research, often carried out in synergy and in conjunction with customers, into the best possible product to meet their needs.

People buy Lule Design products because they realise they are dealing with real people who will do the utmost to meet their needs, people with whom, above all, they can share the needs and requirements of the product to be developed, and with whom they can design the pattern, choose the fabric, etc.

The flexibility of our organisational structure allows us to respond agilely and quickly to our customers’ requests, even when it comes to producing individual items.

Tell us about the inspiration behind your AW19 collection?

For the AW19 collection, I drew inspiration from a desire to create totally tailor-made garments for children based on their needs.

For this reason, no detail is too small when it comes to the materials, the aesthetics and, above all, the necessary nod to absolute practicality and playfulness. The collection’s clean lines and fabrics give children the freedom to move and discover the world around them.

What can we expect next from Lule Design?

Local production with new rhythms and new rules is the latest global trend in the clothing sector: the demand for locally-sourced, organic cotton clothing with a controlled supply chain grows every day, as does the desire to guarantee decent working conditions. These aspects take on particular significance when it comes to children. Customers tend to pay more attention to purchasing organic products (for their own health) and ethical products (for the health of those making them). By choosing organic clothing and products, they can be sure that they are supporting sustainable production that does not pollute the planet.

We can’t wait to meet Giuseppina at Dot to Dot on 1/2 Feb 2019, you can find out more about Lule Design on her website here or follow on Instagram here.

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