Anna from Little Flea

I met up with Anna Cascarini from Little Flea directory and magazine to have a chat about her business and her collaboration with Dot to Dot 10. I asked her some questions to get to know more about Little Flea and the ideas behind it.

N: ” When did you start Little Flea and why?”

A: ” I used to be a fashion editor and then tought fashion styling, when my kids were born I researched a lot of independent brands and in 2014 the little flea directory was born, as I thought I could spare other mamma’s the work and compile a directory where they could benefit from my findings. I also missed being creative so after the directory the magazine idea emerged to get back into what I love; being creative & styling.”

N:” How have things developed from then?”

A:” The magazine grew in popularity and I noticed that a lot of brands, who sent images could do with more directions, so I started to offer brand styling & consultation to help the brands to get a clearer idea of how to present their voice. Strong imagery is the key on social media and to be considered for editorials.”

N:” You have a strong presence on social media and it seems to be growing rapidly. What do you love about it?”

A:” Mostly the connection I have made with wonderful like minded people. The inspiration I get by exploring products from all over the world.”

N:” What is your least favourite thing about social media?”

A:” It is very hard to grow for small brands with all the changes taking place on social media. The importance of exposure to expand the reach is the key, so this can prove as very frustrating at times.”

Anna will be curating the trend space for our 10Th Edition and also run a craft workshop on the Sunday from 11-12 am in our chill out area so make sure to pop by and see what she is up to!

The brand new summer edition of Little Flea Magazine 

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