Meet Leah of Thelma & Leah

Thelma & Leah are a new brand joining Dot to Dot for the SS19 show. They will bring their collection of beautiful nappy covers to the Spark area of the show. We were keen to find out more about the ideas and inspiration behind the brand so we spoke to founder Leah, to find out more.

Hi Leah, tell us about your brand

When my daughter Thelma was born we went to spend half of the summer in Andalusia where my boyfriend is from, as it was extremely hot, all she could wear was a nappy. 

Nappies aren’t exactly cute so all she could wear was a nappy with a nappy cover! Her granny gifted her with the cutest pair, so I tried to find more similar to that one, but alas it was like finding the Holy Grail! 

So here my business was started, I created a collection of nappy covers designed on vintage models and inspirations. The fabrics are sourced ethically, either vintage or organic from my travels and also online. The nappy covers are produced ethically too, some of our production is made with a women’s charity called the Saheli women found during the six months I lived in India this winter.

Everything is based on travels, sizing and seasons are relaxed with some warmer things for winter but keeping it more as resort wear.

We hope you love our little business adventure as much as we do! 

What inspired you to start a brand making children’s product?

I was of course inspired almost immediately after Thelma was born. I love things from the past, from women to children’s clothing since forever and I always am inspired by it. Seeing Thelma in my design is so rewarding.

Whats does your average day look like?

Our average day is often quite chaotic, we live a pretty nomadic lifestyle so there is a lot of packing and unpacking to do. 

and what has been the biggest challenge to date?

The biggest challenge has also been the biggest reward, which is travelling with her around the world. We moved to India when she was around 3 months old and as I’m sure you know this wasn’t exactly easy!

But oh so worth it! 

Our unique selling point is the travels we go on to find different cultures, fabrics and ways of doing printing. 

We inspire ourselves from colours and scents, music and different gods. We also try as much as possible to source hand loomed, organic, vintage or end of series fabrics. We use a charity that support women in a village in India to teach themselves to become financially independent and supportive of their family.

Tell us about the inspiration behind your SS19 collection? 

The inspiration behind the SS19 collection is India and indigo colours. More organic and less childish. Blues, ochre, reds and oranges with subtle greens.

A lot of vegetation, palm trees and flowers. Closer to the desert that is Rajasthan than previously. Except a few exceptions that will be reoccurring each seasons…

What can we expect next from the brand?

A women wear collection, think seventies, floaty, dreamy cotton dresses…

You can find out more about Thelma and Leah on their website here, and don’t forget to visit them in Spark at Dot to Dot 10, 24/ 25 June!

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