Meet Luna’s Peggy Juche

We’ve worked with Peggy Juche for years as she is the brain behind the beautiful children’s fashion blog Paul & Paula. It wasn’t until January we finally met Peggy at Dot to Dot as she launched the British arm to German children’s lifestyle magazine Luna at the show. 

This season we have teamed up with Peggy on our Design Contest, entrusting her to select us a cool, contemporary designer to join the 10th show, we thought we’d get to know Peggy better and her new role as Managing Director of

Hi peggy, tell us about is the leading children’s fashion & family lifestyle magazine for modern parents. Based in the UK, we are the English edition of the Luna family. 

We select carefully and focus on everything new and trendy from the children’s fashion and design world. We portrait captivating personalities, share must-haves for mums and show you inspiration for family travels. Combining design and motherhood, because it is all about children and family life.  Lifestyle orientated stylish mums and dads who want to be in the loop for trends and inspiration are our readers.

How did you get into the kids fashion industry?

A cliché but so true for most of us - when I became a mum. The moment I was pregnant with my first I started to look for things off the high street. No baby blue, teddy bears or other stereo types. That first baby will turn 11 in June this year and it was definitely a much bigger task than today. When my second child was born I quit my job so that I could stay home for the first year of his life. During that period I got into blogging by accident and knew instantly that I wanted to share my love for great kids stuff. That is how it all began…

How does the German children’s market compare to that In the U.K

Germans are not very ‘risk taking’ and love to stick to brands/things they know. Clothes have to be functional - that is the main thing. Cool prints, for example, is a difficult matter. In general I would say it is not much about fashion, it is more about being dressed practically.

Have you got any advice for brands launching into the U.K market? 

Not just for the UK but in general: Invest in a good look book!

What role do you think trade shows like Dot to Dot will have in the next 10 years? 

I think that we will lose the strict following of the seasons. Ordering now what we will wear in a year etc…People want to buy things when they see them. The pace is quicker and quicker. The traditional fashion wholesale/buyer method will fade, in my eyes. However - the important aspect of pre-selection, discovering, touching and different markets will/should stay. To be honest, how this will adapt and work together, we will need to find out.

What is your favourite place in London?

Columbia Road Flower Market

And If you could live anywhere in the world where would you choose?

Ahhh, this is such a delicate question right now. Follow me and you will soon find out!

Which shops do you buy your own fashion from?

I really buy most of my wardrobe during travels. So it is a great mix of brands. There is none that I go to religiously. All brands have good and better seasons. Some I loved, I grow out of or get bored…The only thing I love and could buy the whole collection is shoes from Pretty Ballerinas. I am 6.2 tall and have shoe size 9 or 10. Finding great shoes is, even in 2018, a really tricky thing. And one of a few lovely brands doing shoes in larger sizes is PB. And they are so comfy too!

What kind of music are you into?

I love metal and hard rock. Now mostly during my runs because the noise of 4 children and punk mixed together is enough only by the thought of it :)

Last but not least, What’s your favourite holiday destination? 

The world! 
Another cliché, but we love to travel and there are too many places on our list. And then I wanted to write down California, I was thinking about Asia and how I must go to Tokyo. And I love South America… now…

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