Interview with Katie from Pirouette

Nicole fired some questions at Katie from Pirouette Blog hope you enjoy reading them and that they can be useful in some way!

N:”Please tell me about the collaboration this season for the Pirouette Award and how you choose the artist and under what criteria ?”

K:”For the upcoming season we have the most wonderful whimsical collaboration with Belgian designer Lore Laporte. I challenge you not to giggle ever so slightly with this one. 

Lore has also made us a giant pirouette ‘One to watch’ eye which is fab. She’s brilliant! To be honest I found Lore whilst wasting time on instagram (time well spent in retrospect ;). I clicked on a picture of a child wearing a beautiful leather apron and flicked through the profile to find out more where I discovered Lore’s needle felt ‘grumpy cats’ …It was love at first sight. 

Everyone should follow Lore @lorelaporte and her store @eddiewollie!”

N:” What do you look for in brands when you give out the award?”

K:” Gosh, it can be a real mix of reasons why we think a brand is One to Watch, outstanding quality and workmanship, sustainable and responsible ethos, an overall understanding of the product and what it provides, original and brilliant design, love at first sight, the list goes on…”

N:” What do the brands get from the award?” 

K:”Firstly for this season they get to keep the most amazing needle felt award ‘Don’t let the cat out of the bag’’ designed by Lore. Each cat is unique so will need to be carefully looked after by it’s new owners! The purpose of the awards is to identify, highlight and support emerging talent entering the industry. To this end we give the winning brands valuable exposure both during and after the show so that buyers, agents and other press are aware of their huge potential. If you’re a One to Watch Award winner Pirouette looks to support you on an ongoing basis. 

N:” There are big changes in the UK children’s wear tradeshow calendar with Bubble discontinuing and new ones manifesting for the next season, what is your feeling on this?”

K:” It is so important to maintain a children’s fashion and lifestyle tradeshow that champions independent children’s fashion in the UK. A ’boutique style’ trade show like yourselves serves both as an introductory stepping stone for new UK labels as well as a vehicle for international brands to test the market. The bigger International tradeshows do their job exceedingly well but labels really need to be ready in order to maximise the impact on taking that step. The market in the UK for independent labels is not so huge that it can necessarily support multiple shows, the secret is in the word ‘trade’ - for trade shows to survive they must provide the best results for both their exhibitors and buyers. This means making sure they match up the right buyers with the right labels. If the tradeshow makes the mistake of only concentrating on one side the other soon slips away. Labels need to gain brand awareness and press exposure, as well as written orders! Whilst buyers and press want to see the best of brands and collections. If a trade show can provide both then everyone is happy.”

SS19 Pirouette Award By Lore LaPorte

SS19 Pirouette Award By Lore LaPorte

SS19 Pirouette Award By Lore LaPorte

SS19 Pirouette Award By Lore LaPorte

Thank you Katie, we are really excited to see who the amazing award is going to !!!!

For tickets for our upcoming SS 19 show click here

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